Our Values

Make it simple

Work smart. At Assetario we believe in creating unique experiences for players of free-to-play games through personalization of the game.

There is no B team

We are A players always seeking challenges and improvement itself.

Every insight matters

We are listening to our clients. Always. Great feedback is a critical element of improvement of our product, based on your needs.

Transparency is key

Both inside and out — what you see is what you get.

Our Story

Jakub Chudík and Matej Novák met during their studies at the most famous technical university MIT in Boston, where they discovered their common passion for artificial intelligence. The question they asked themselves: How can we bring financial stability and growth to gaming companies while increasing engagement of their players?

And so Assetario was born.

The unique relationship between those who want to understand data and those who work with them, has helped create this unique story unlike any other.

We are backed by some of the best advisors and investors in the market with deep gaming and data experience


Colin Digiaro

Colin is one of the co-founders of Myspace and Jam City. He is well-known as a serial entrepreneur and operator of multiple startups. Colin is helping Assetario with Sales and Strategy.

Catharina Lavers Mallet

Catharina is VP and GM, Maxis at Electronic Arts (EA). As an entrepreneurial general manager, operator and product executive is helping creative technology companies grow their businesses through deeper customer relationships. In Assetario, Cat is a big support with Ops and Strategy.

Julian Runge, PhD

Julian is a computational social scientist and built & led several data science teams at gaming publishers and service providers. He is one of the top experts in behavioral science in gaming, ex-Facebook research group lead and an ex-head of Data science at N3TWORK. Julian supports Assetario as a Chief Scientific Advisor.

Eitan Reisel

Eitan is Founder and Managing Partner at VGames, the venture capital fund for game entrepreneurs. He spent 7 years in the Navy, in 2013 he joined Google where he eventually rose to the role of Head of Gaming and later on started VGames, aiming to back exceptional game studio founders in the booming gaming market of Israel. Assetario is glad to have him as a Tech and Sales support.

Angel Investors

Peter Ondruska

Peter is a researcher and entrepreneur working at the intersection of machine learning, robotics, and computer vision. He is currently the Head of Research at Lyft, Level 5 division, where he leads a team working on leapfrog self-driving cars technology.

Vince Ponzo

Vince is an entrepreneur, advisor, investor and coach. Nowadays he is leading AWS's strategic initiatives to identify, engage, and grow startups from the country's top universities and tech transfer programs.

Alan Fung

Alan is a Venture Partner at Sweet Capital. He is a performance focused marketer with a great eye for product, analytics and user psychology.

VC Funds

Hoxton VC

Hoxton VC is an early-stage technology venture capital firm, bringing Silicon Valley to Europe.


Liquid 2 Ventures is an early-stage investment fund based in San Francisco, that believes in founders and sees opportunities across all platforms.


Riot Ventures, an early stage venture fund based in Los Angeles invests in deep technologies with a focus on intelligence, sensing and control, communications, mobility and security.

How we work

As a Community

We’re normal, open-minded self-improvers who hold each other accountable. Under any circumstances.

As Data Lovers

We love to help the gaming industry accurately predict and understand lifetime value and monetization preferences of their players. It represents a massive potential to increase ROI and even more our love for data.

As Positive People

It's simple, we love what we do.

As a Team

Significant team experience from gaming and ad tech supported with 38 data science academic publications across the team 5 data scientists previously taught at universities.

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